Devotional series written by a a Muslim-background Christian missionary from



ADDED: 16 January 2017


WEEK 7 – Salt and Light


What is your role in God's work?


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Mount Moriah – A Study in Sacrifice

New devotional series written by Bill Drake, worship leader for Operation Mobilisation



Part 1 – Place of ‘Worship’

What does Moses’ sacrifice of Isaac have to do with worship?



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Cover2017 INcontext calendar, featuring beautiful

photos of Syrian refugees in Lebanon


Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go towards supporting Christians - the "forgotten believers" in Syria.



R120 (postage included) for sales in South Africa

R90 per calender (postage included) for orders of 10 or more

R100 per calendar + relevant postage for orders outside South Africa




JulyAugDon't miss this opportunity to get involved in supporting fellow believers in Syria! The calendars make excellent Christmas gifts, so why not make this Christmas gift-giving something special that makes an impact?


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Muslims are taught from childhood that Islam is the last and perfect religion.

Understanding and Freedom, a book and four-disc DVD set by Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, helps Muslims to unchain themselves from Islamic doctrine by learning of other religious and cultural worldviews.

Dr. Shayesteh, a former radical Muslim teacher and politician, is now an apologist and evangelist for Jesus Christ. With two decades of worldwide travel and untold numbers of conversations with Muslims and others of diverse beliefs, Daniel is uniquely gifted and equipped to touch the minds and hearts of people and to share the love of Christ in a powerful way.


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The new World Hotspot List (2015-2016 edition) is updated with the latest information and a new design!

The 56-page book offers an introduction to 17 nations that are impacting the world as we know it today, with historical overviews, an analysis of each country’s recent significance, and prayer guides. 


“An excellent job of describing which parts of the world are really significant, for what reasons, and relating the issues in those parts of the world to Christians.”

David Aikman, award-winning TIME Magazine journalist



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“Dancing with Camels” refers to an age-old Arabic saying about the excitement of embarking on a new journey – those who dare to set out into the unknown are those who dare to “dance with camels”.

This book is about the Christian journey of faith that calls for us to step out of our comfort zones, daring to lay all on the line for the One who has caught our attention and our heart.

Whether you are a new believer or whether you have been walking with the Lord for years, all of us are regularly called to go deeper, committing to a more radically ‘set apart’ life.

Over 52 chapters, we take a look at the following aspects of “dancing with camels”:

    7 resolutions when preparing for the journey

    7 roadblocks to consider when departing

    7 tools needed to reach the destination

    7 keys that will determine the route

    7 garments necessary for travel

                                                                        7 attitudes for when the journey gets tough

                                                                        7 commitments to maintain movement

                                                                        3 calls to move and to go...


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is die debuut roman van die Suid-Afrikaanse outeur, Adriana Faling. Dis ‘n verhaal van twee vroue wie se lewens in mekaar verweef word – ‘n Egiptiese vrou wie tot die Christendom bekeer en vir haar lewe moet vlug terwyl sy probeer om aan haar nuwe geloof in Jesus as Verlosser vas te hou, en ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse vrou wat probeer om vrede te maak met haar man se roeping om die Vervolgde Kerk in Egipte te dien. Die agtergrond van die verhaal speel af tydens die gebeure van die 2011 Egiptiese rewolusie.


English translation: "Revolution of the Heart" is an Afrikaans novel written by South African author Adriana Faling. It tells the story of two women whose lives become intertwined - an Egyptian Christian who converted from Islam and is trying to escape her family while holding fast to her new-found faith, and a South African women trying to come to terms with her husband's calling to serve the Persecuted Church in the Middle East. The novel takes place against the background of the true events of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.


COST: R160 per copy (publisher's price, postage excluded)


Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards INcontext Ministries' work in Egypt.



“Inspiring, enjoyable and uplifting" - Helene de Kock

"Between-the-eyes truth that challenges and inspires" - Lindie Strydom


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THE 18 INCH PRINCIPLE 18 Inch cover final

is a book that encompasses everything one man learnt from 30 years serving in the mission field, particularly focusing on the lessons learnt from the persecuted church. It is relevant to everyone who is willing to consider costly commitment to the Great Commission that Jesus gave to His disciples.


COST: R100 per copy (postage excluded)



“One of the most profound books I have ever read. We are challenged in an unprecedented way to follow in the steps of Jesus. The commitment needed to bring in the end-time harvest is clearly spelled out. The plight of the lost millions without Jesus depends on our commitment to be obedient to a sacrificial lifestyle.”

Christo Walters, Missions mobiliser, Gauteng


"This book does not provide neutral ground. Once you've read it, you either hate it and reject it, or you love and embrace it. The 18 Inch Principle confronts us with a U-turn in the field of missions. Church and missions are not two separate realities: missions is constitutive to the Church. However, for Mike Burnard, mission is not entertainment, religious tourism, professional speeches, or philanthropic projects. Willingness to endure persecution, suffering and martyrdom for the Gospel is the genuine mark of Biblical mission."

Paul Negrut (PhD), Professor of Theology, Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania and Pastor of the Emanuel Baptist Church of Oradea, Romania


*Currently out of print in South Africa (a third edition is being revised), but it is available on Amazon.com 





FaithUnderFireFaith Under Fire conveys some of the challenges faced by Canon Andrew White while serving as the 'Vicar of Baghdad' - daily tragedies, seeming hopelessness, being parted from his family in order to serve in Iraq, and the increasing weakness of his body as the MS worsens. 


It also speaks of his faith in God, where he finds spiritual energy, and how he can be optimistic about the future.


COST: R100 (postage excluded)


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VicarOfBaghdad“I live with a price on my head…The kind of people that I spend my time engaging with are not usually very nice. On the whole nice people do not cause wars.”


The Vicar of Baghdad expands on Canon White's role in the complex situation in the Middle East, where he has been given the opportunity to speak as a man of faith to men of faith. He has gained the trust of various religious leaders, with his compassion and gift for human relationships.


COST: R100 (postage excluded)


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This book examines the wide-ranging and frequently challenging subject of reconciliation in the light of the statements set out in the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation. 


Canon White looks at conflict on an international level, but also calls for us to examine our hearts as individuals - for our need to reconcile with God as well as with one another. In all of this, forgiveness stands central.


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