Here are the banking details for INcontext, for anyone who would like to donate to projects or for the support of the team:



ABSA cheque/current account

Name: Incontext

Number: 4078983933

Branch: Durbanville (632 005)



For your reference, please use the DONATION ALLOCATION (e.g. Project Apple Tree, Team Support, General) + your EMAIL ADDRESS (as much as possible).


It would also help us a lot if you can email us to let us know of your donation, so that we can email you in return to say thank you! Please contact Donnelly in this regard: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Here are the banking details for people outside South Africa:



Beneficiary name and address: INcontext.  M5 Place, 2A Hibiscus Street, Durbanville, 7550, RSA.  Tel: +27 (0)21 976 1465

Bank name and address: Absa Bank Limited, 180 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Name of account: INCONTEXT

Cheque account number:  4078983933

Branch code: 632005

Absa Swift Address: ABSAZAJJ


Please use the same guidelines as above in terms of payment references.



THANK YOU, more than we can say, for your willingness to support different members of the Body of Christ in this way!