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Where is the "good news"? Why does INcontext always seem to focus on the negative?

We have come to realise that "good news" and "bad news" is a matter of perspective. Yes, much of what we report deals with tragic political conflict. But Jesus clearly warned His disciples that these things would come, and that they need to be ready for it. The Church cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the realities of what is happening around the world - if this happens, the Church becomes isolated and irrelevant. The INcontext team feels a joy in being where things are happening, in service of Him who hold everything in His hands, and who calls us to faithfully go wherever He leads. Consider the difference in these attitudes: "Beware! The world is changing!" or "BE where the world is changing!" At INcontext, we choose the latter approach.

Are you a prophetic ministry?

In terms of where "prophetic ministry" is used to refer to predictions of the end times, INcontext is definitely NOT a prophetic ministry. The goal of INcontext is to report on events as we see them happening now, as well as to consider future possibilities based on past patterns in history. We do this in order to equip the global Church to be ready in response to all eventualities. The idea of "being ready" and "being awake" is something that Jesus encouraged among His disciples.

How can I get involved?

INcontext welcomes people who feel called to offer their time and skills to assist with the workings of the ministry. If this is you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and chat to us about where you see yourself getting involved.

Does INcontext do missions training or help place people in the field?

INcontext focuses more on equipping churches and mission organisations for mission programmes than on placing individuals in the field. For example, it is more strategic at this time to equip local believers serving within certain countries than to send in foreigners who are not able to work as effectively. However, this does not mean that there is not a great need for labourers in all mission fields across the globe. We have working relationships with mission organisations like YWAM and OM and would highly recommened their services when it comes to field training and placement.

Are there any INcontext events coming up that I can attend?

We will be placing venues and dates of upcoming seminars on the seminar page shortly.