INcontext Ministries is sometimes asked to verify or comment on stories, rumours, events or new movements that people have questions about. As these come to our attention, we do as much research as we can and try to ‘set the record straight’.

With a number of hoaxes and false news reports infiltrating the Christian media from time to time, Christians need to be less vulnerable and more discerning before passing any news on. Just simply forwarding sensational news or incorrect information often brings negative results.

Most of the information provided here are verifiable and researched facts, but sometimes we ask an external Christian leader to share their perspective on movements or issues that call for personal response and Biblical interpretation more than factual clarification.


If you have anything you would like to have verified (a forwarded email, a news report or a new movement) please email your question to our Head of Research:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Alternatively, click on the link below for guidelines for independent verification research.




an-islamic-usa-one-church-at-a-timeAn email currently circulating Christian networks calls for “action if we value our way of life” with an alarming message that Muslims are building “an...Read More
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arms-seized-en-route-to-refugee-camps The following email is doing the rounds:   "If you have any doubts about Muslim immigration, this might clear up your thinking. This “furniture...Read More
blood-moons-prophecy-revelation-or-speculationThe "Blood Moons" theory, increasingly circulating Christian networks in recent weeks, is a 'prophecy' that the four 'blood moons' (or tetrad) occurring...Read More
churches-burned-down-and-christians-being-killed-in-india THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS CIRCULATING ON SOCIAL MEDIA: "Brothers and sisters, urgent prayer request. Pray for the Church in India. Buddhist extremists...Read More
easter-and-christmas-to-be-cancelled-in-south-africaAn SMS/Whatsapp message currently doing the rounds in South Africa states that this past Easter weekend (2015) was the last to be celebrated in South...Read More
syrian-woman-murdered The image on the left has been featured on various websites as well as circulating via email - the claims are that she is a young Christian woman who...Read More
petition-regarding-the-making-of-a-gay-jesus-movie-theatre-play Emails similar to this one have been doing the rounds for a number of years: The movie “Corpus Christi" is due to be released this June to August. It...Read More
fallen-angel-in-london In July 2015, a series of photographs purportedly showing a fallen angel who dropped from the skies above London began circulating online. While some...Read More
germanwings-pilot-converted-to-islamOn 24 March, a Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed into the French Alps when the 27-year old co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, locked himself alone in the cockpit and...Read More
hanging-of-iraqi-christianA collage of photographs showing a man being publicly executed by the Islamic State (IS) for his Christian faith in Iraq, is a hoax. The graphic...Read More
isis-fighter-converts-to-christianityAn article recently appeared on various websites about a priest named Hermann Groschlin of the Saint Dominican Catholic Presbytery of Ayyash. The article...Read More
j-k-rowling-commissioned-to-re-write-bible  True or false? Has the Vatican under leadership of Pope Francis commissioned J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, to re-write the...Read More
jesus-and-horus-is-there-a-connection 16 APRIL 2014 - This image, claiming that the story of Jesus was plagiarised from the Egyptian god Horus, recently appeared on a widely popular social...Read More
mermaid-at-mr-zuma-s-homestead The following email is currently circulating on the social media: Who says mermaids don't exist?  As shocking as it may seems...it has been...Read More
muslims-buying-up-farms-in-petrusville-south-africaAn email currently doing the rounds in South Africa warns Christians about an Islamic agenda that involves “buying farms in bulk” and “walking around in...Read More
muslims-praying-every-friday-on-madison-avenueAn email that started circulating a few years ago (and is once more doing the rounds) shows a number of photographs of hundreds of Muslims praying in the...Read More
national-blackout-for-south-africaAn alarming SMS/Whatsapp message currently doing the rounds in South Africa claims that the cabinet has been briefed by Eskom (the national electrical...Read More
obama-declares-november-national-muslim-appreciation-monthAn email started circulating with the news that Pres. Obama declared November 2013 as a National Muslim Appreciation Month.  This report is...Read More
pope-francis-there-is-no-hell-adam-and-eve-not-real-and-all-religions-are-true  A circulating report claims that Pope Francis has announced sweeping changes to long-standing Catholic doctrines after concluding the Third...Read More
pope-francis-to-revise-10-commandments On 6 July 2015, Real News Right Now (http://realnewsrightnow.com/) published a report about Pope Francis’ intentions to revise the 10 Commandments,...Read More
pope-to-implement-new-world-orderAn email circulating on Christian networks reports that a "New World Order" will be announced on September 25th and introduced October...Read More
refugee-crisis-genuine-concern-or-misleading-skepticismAn email currently circulating Christian networks calls for an “explanation” for a number of assertions regarding the Syrian refugees arriving in Europe...Read More
removal-of-20-pastors-from-us-airwavesRemoval of 20, including Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah and other pastors from the airwaves. An organization has been granted...Read More
report-of-a-boy-being-punished-by-his-arm-being-crushedAnother email that is often circulated shows a picture of an 8-year-old Iranian boy grimacing in pain as his arm is crushed underneath a car – the report...Read More
report-of-ugandan-child-rape-festival Lifestyle Tabloids, a blog that publishes political satire articles, posted one in April 2014 about a “Child Rape Festival” in Uganda, supposedly...Read More
reports-of-22-christian-families-abducted-in-afghanistanThere is an sms message regularly sent out in various parts of the world, which often resurfaces on an annual basis. The message has two standard forms:...Read More
reports-of-christians-burnt-in-nigeriaA well-meant prayer request that is often forwarded by email or posted on Facebook includes a horrifying photo of charred bodies with the report that the...Read More
six-south-african-schools-taken-to-court-for-christian-practicesAn email circulating on Christian networks reports that six schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape will appear in the Supreme Court in Johannesburg on...Read More
state-control-of-religion-in-south-africa  INTRODUCTION   There are currently two messages doing the rounds in South Africa that might seem similar in content but need to be...Read More
state-controlled-church-for-south-africaA current SMS (text message) doing the rounds in South Africa warns Christians about a Chinese agenda to introduce the “Three-Self”, state-controlled...Read More
trump-jnr-and-the-skittles-analogyOn Monday 19 September 2016, Donald Trump Jnr. tweeted an image of a bowl of skittles with the following text:  "If I had a bowl of Skittles and I...Read More
urgent-prayers-for-queragosh Two messages regarding threats against Christians in Iraq are regularly circulating Christian networks, via email, WhatsApp and other social media. Even...Read More
video-evidence-of-europe-invasionIn November 2015, a number of websites published a video that supposedly showed Muslim refugees committing various acts of violence. One of the most...Read More