Supporting various relief efforts among refugees


With the number of refugees entering Europe dropping quite significantly due to the closure of borders and the European Union’s deal with Turkey, Project Refuge has been adapted to focus on other areas of the refugee crisis.   


Project Refuge now supports various initiatives that focus on refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. The project mainly supports Christian workers who are actively working among refugees, as well as making it possible for these workers to provide much-needed aid such as food, clothing and bedding.

These Christian workers are from various countries (Korea, China, Kurdistan, Syria, Lebanon, Brazil and Egypt) but they all have one thing in common: despite being over-worked and under-resourced, they are completely committed to bringing relief and restoring dignity.


One of these workers said the following about their work among the refugees: “They need helpers more than they need help. Our calling here is to be shepherds. Not preachers, but caregivers. They need us before they need food. So we give them ourselves.”

These brothers and sisters are giving their all to people who have lost everything. They are showing us that we, as Christians, dare not withhold whatever resources God has blessed us with from those in dire need of the means to survive. It is time to start believing once again that change and hope begins with us, because our God is a living God who enables His children to be vessels of reconciliation and peace.


The consequences of faithful obedience are divine. One pastor shared the following: “We have seen nearly one hundred refugee families come into our church, be discipled, and eventually sent as church-planters among Arab communities in Canada, Sweden, Germany, Algeria and a number of other nations.” Could this be a way through which God brings transformation to Europe?

Another worker said the following: “If we think about them as refugees, we treat them like refugees and they stay refugees. If we think about them as being created in the image of God, we treat them like children of God and they become children of God.”


We invite you to join us in looking at refugees as children of God and to help us support these Christian workers who are showing Christ’s love and compassion to them. 




To support this project, please make use of the INcontext bank details and use Refuge together with your email address (as much as possible of it) as reference:


ABSA cheque account

Branch: 632005 (Durbanville)

Account name: INcontext

Number: 407 898 3933


If you have any questions about this project or you would like more information about our specific involvement in these nations, please contact our project department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.