Equipping the Arab world to pray for the nations


"Be always on the WATCH, and PRAY that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man." - Luke 21:36

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.” - Martin Luther


ArabPrayerWe recognise that God’s two-edged sword for both survival and revival is absolutely dependent upon His people being disciplined and set apart for the purpose of ‘watchful’ prayers. Up-to-date PRAYER RESOURCES is therefore a key means of sustaining the Church in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and the whole of the Middle East.  



Consider the following:

  • FEW TIMES in history have been as critical from a Christian perspective as today
  • FEW REGIONS are as strategically positioned in global turmoil as the Middle East  
  • FEW PEOPLE understand the desperate need for prayer as much as the Christians in this region
  • FEW RESOURCES are available to assist local believers in their quest for strategic prayers


INcontext has once again been approached by Christian leaders in the Arab world to help with the translation (into Arabic), publication and printing of the new and updated version of Operation WorldPRAY FOR THE WORLD. This is not only an opportunity OF a lifetime but also an opportunity FOR a lifetime.

We are humbled and privileged to be involved in this project, but we cannot do it without the assistance of our supporters. 





Project Gateway was INcontext Ministries’ first ever project, six years ago in the midst of the Arab Spring revolutions. It was born during a visit to Egypt in 2010, when Coptic and Evangelical leaders unanimously requested assitance.


The call was four-fold:

  • HELP US to pray meaningful prayers that do not only focus on ourselves but also on the nations around us.
  • HELP US provide material that will assist believers in their missionary endeavours to our neighbouring countries.
  • HELP US train young believers to have a mission mind-set.
  • HELP US fulfil our Godly mandate of reaching our Arab neighbours.


In answer to these requests the decision was made to translate the book by Patrick Johnstone, OPERATION WORLD, into Arabic.



PrayForTheWorldOver the past five years, the world has changed dramatically and almost none of the Arab countries in the world is the same as when Operation World was published in 2010. In response to these changes, the team at Operation World released a new shortened and updated version of Operation World, called PRAY FOR THE WORLD.


The PRAY FOR THE WORLD publication is only 313 pages, compared to the 978 pages of the 2010 edition of Operation World. This prayer resource features every country in the world, with specific prayer points from Christian leaders in these countries. Besides these prayer points, the book also provides a basic explanation of the current economic and political situation of every country, and its population demographics. It also includes charts and maps of demographic trends, as well as updates on church growth, with a focus on evangelicals.


In light of the changes across the Arab world, INcontext has again partnered with other ministries in North Africa to translate this valuable publication into Arabic. This will enable the Church in the Arab world to pray current and relevant prayers; not only for their region, but also for the rest of the world.

As a ministry we have taken it upon ourselves to raise the funds to finance this very strategic project, and we ask you to please consider standing with us in this regard. 




Vital and strategic prayer information of 228 countries and territories are contained in this 313-page book. 

The total cost for the project is US $6,500.00  (R108,000.00 at the current rand-dollar exchange rate).

The information for each nation will cost R475.00 (US$30.00 per nation).  




Once the translation and publishing is completed, the book will be handed over to local ministries for further distribution. The project will be self-maintained: as books are sold, the funds will be used to reprint more copies. 

The book will be digitally printed by one of INcontext's partners in the region, which will also provide much needed support for this Christian media ministry. The advantage of digital printing is that it allows for any size job, on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and a modification of information should the regions continue to change.




Sponsor a Nation!

Will you consider joining hands with us and sponsoring a nation for R475.00 (US $30.00)?

If you are able to sponsor more than one country, we encourage you to do so. One way is to approach your local fellowships and congregations, inviting them to consider supporting this project. 


If you would like to contribute towards this project, please make use of the INcontext bank details and use Gateway together with your email address as reference:


ABSA cheque account

Branch: 632005 – Durbanville

Account Name: INcontext

Number: 407 898 3933



For INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS, Paypal can be used. Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.








If you would like more information on this project, please contact our project department: 

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