ProjectDotaAt INcontext, we do not believe in establishing our own projects and asking the Lord to bless them – rather, we endeavour to see where He is working and slot in with His agenda. One of the regions where we can see the Lord advancing His Kingdom at an astonishing rate is South-central Asia. As a result of this growth, the need for trained leaders has become evident. In this regard, the Lord has given us favour in training church leaders in this region of the world.


Operation World (2010 Edition) says the following about the need for leadership training in one of the countries we are working in: Leadership training is possibly the most urgent need in the Church. For years, no formal training was available. Now, there are over 15 Bible colleges and seminaries. Many churches and agencies offer short-term and modular training courses… Despite these developments, there is a huge training shortfall. As the Church grows, the need for leadership-training structures and models becomes increasingly desperate. Pray for a multiplication of feasible, effective methods of ministry training.”


In another of the nations in which we are working, there are no permanent theological institutions where church leaders can receive any training. If a church leader wants to receive any form of substantial training, he/she must go to another country to study. Due to the miraculous growth of the Church, there is a tremendous need for practical leadership training, but it must be training that does not require leaders to be absent from their congregations for long periods of time.


Another country in this region where we are working also desperately needs adequate training. Operation World expands on this challenge in this country: “Training Christian workers is an important need that is immediately urgent and essential in the long term. The life and health of the Church depends on the proper development of pastors, teachers, evangelists and missionaries. In churches, poor discipling and lack of teaching and modelling of biblical life and leadership are problems… There is, on average, one trained pastor for every six congregations… The need is greater than what residential institutions can produce, and 90% of pastors lack access to adequate theological training.”


DOTA training

At this present time, the Lord has provided an open door to present DOTA training (Discipleship training On The Air) there.

DOTA was developed around 30 years ago to train Christian leaders serving in underground or house churches. The material was designed in such a way that it would not just educate participants about the Bible, but also help them to interact in a 'small group' setting, learning from the Bible together. The format assists believers to grow and apply truths in their lives together, staying accountable to one another for their growth.

Training is done in small groups so personal attention can be given to each participant. It is presented in a very practical way, so students cannot simply memorise the material ‘parrot-fashion’ without grasping the depth thereof. The practical aspect contributes immensely towards spiritual growth. The end goal is that participants are able to present the training themselves after the lesson.


Training Sponsorship

Church leaders in these nations are mostly poor, and do not have the finances to cover the basic costs of attending the training sessions. Costs include travelling expenses, food and accommodation for the duration of the training, as well as the study materials. In order for us to successfully support these training sessions, we need to cover these costs for the participants. 


To present this training in the three countries in which we are currently working, we need an estimated R300,000 (approximately US$22,000) per year and are entirely dependent on donations for the continuation of this training.


We are excited about what God is doing in these nations, and are grateful that He has allowed us this opportunity to be a part of it in a small way. We ask that you please consider supporting this training through a once-off donation or monthly contribution. Any amount, no matter how small, will help us make this training possible. Through your contribution, church leaders can receive the training needed to establish mature congregations that can move out and reach the unreached in their own countries.


Should you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Gustav: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 021 976 1465


To make a contribution, please make use of the following bank account details, using your email (or part thereof) + DOTA as your reference:

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