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Do you participate in any sporting events?

Are you willing you use your abilities and time to support mission projects around the world?


PROJECT X-MILE invites all athletes, from all disciplines, to use sports event participation as sponsored projects that will raise funds for a mission focus of your choice.

From 5km fun-runs to the annual Iron Man competition, and for anyone participating at any level, every kilometer covered and goal achieved can make a difference.




STEP 1: Browse the main PROJECTS page and choose one of the missionaries or projects that you would like to support (scroll down to view all the projects).


STEP 2: Contact Gustav, our project manager, to let us know the event in which you will be participating and which project you would like to support ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


STEP 3: We will send you an official INcontext sponsorship form (tailor-made for your event) that you can use to raise funds for the project of your choice.


STEP 4: Ask people in family/social/business networks to sponsor an amount for every kilometer that you cover, or to make a one-off donation for completing the event. If you choose to support Project Living Bread, people can also sponsor a certain amount of audio Bibles.


STEP 5: After the event, send the amount raised to the INcontext project fund, with full assurance that everything raised will go to the designated project. 


STEP 6: If you are willing, send us a photo of you participating in your event, so others can be inspired to do the same!




  • Only original official INcontext sponsorship forms may be used, available directly from Gustav.
  • All sponsorship forms must be returned to INcontext once the event is completed.
  • Funds raised must be paid into the INcontext account - bank details are on the PROJECTS page and on the sponsorship forms you will receive.
  • A unique reference name/number will be sent to you, for payment after the event.





Click HERE to see who has already taken up the challenge to participate in Project X-Mile - we thank and salute you for your support!